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What do crayons, golf balls, bandages and pantyhose all have in common? The answer? Well, they are all made out of petroleum. 

When most people think of crude oil, bubbling up from drilling wells, they imagine the resulting products are gasoline, heating oil or jet fuel. While these fuels make up the majority of use when the crude oil emerges from a refinery, there are quite a number of other products that end up being manufactured from that crude as well. 

Phoenix Capital Group offers services to help mineral rights owners understand their opportunities in both retaining and cashing out of their ownership positions. Below, Phoenix Capital Group reveals 33 fascinating products that are made from petroleum.

Investing in Petroleum

Something you as an investor have to pay attention to is how solid your return on investment is going to be. If you invest in speculative sorts of things, your risk is higher. The ultimate fail is if you invest and the investment doesn’t work out. You lose your money. No one wants that.

So, one very important criterion to protect your investment is to select businesses and manufacturer products that are tried and true; proven and solid – industries that cater to basic needs. This ensures a steady and reliable demand.

When you invest in the Oil and Gas industry, you are investing in the making of such things as:

PillowsFootball Helmets
Surf BoardsDishes
Drinking CupsLipstick
Hair CurlersIce Cube Trays
Model CarsLife Jackets
Artificial TurfCandles
LuggageBall Point Pens
DenturesTool Racks
Heart ValvesMops
Shaving CreamRoofing
Folding DoorsTV Cabinets
Guitar StringsDresses
Trash BagsBoatsFishing LuresPerfumesCurtains

This is just a small sample of the products made from petroleum. To give you an idea of how important these are, we’ve done a bit of research for you, to show you the depth and scope of our dependence on these staples of our economy.

Source: https://www.ranken-energy.com/index.php/products-made-from-petroleum/

Let’s take just a couple of items on the list as examples:

Looking at you – lipstick

Women love their makeup. 80 percent of women surveyed said they won’t leave home without makeup and 25 percent won’t step outdoors unless they have lipstick on. Did you know the average woman spends just over $15,000 on makeup in her lifetime, with almost $1,800 of that going to lipstick? Those are some very attractive numbers.

Source: https://www.byrdie.com/crazy-lipstick-facts

Let’s take a swing at golf balls

Golf has been around since 1552, when the first course was constructed in St. Andrews, Scotland. It has steadily grown in popularity ever since. In 2018 $591 Million worth of golf balls were sold in that year alone. 

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/258659/golf-equipment-wholesale-sales-in-the-us/

Roofing is a heavy user of petroleum 

Looking at only the residential market in the USA alone, the estimates are for 147 million squares in 2020. This is valued at $10.4 billion and is growing around 4 percent a year. There are over 50,000 companies involved in installing roofing, siding and sheet metal, which is a $31.4 billion industry.

Source: https://brandongaille.com/15-roofing-industry-statistics-and-trends/

Kicking things over to artificial turf

Over 17,000 golf courses and 700,000 playing fields use artificial turf. The stuff is so advanced these days that it mimics the look and feel of natural grass. Some players even prefer playing on it over playing on the real thing. Synthetic turf covers about 50 million acres in the US, which places it third in total acreage in the USA. This is a $40 billion industry and it’s growing strong.

Source: https://forestgrass.com/blog/artificial-grass-market-trends/

Next up – balloons!

Fun times, brilliant colors and smiling faces. This is the stuff of balloons! Made out of latex and foil balloons brighten up car dealerships, birthday parties and political campaigns. This industry is projected to grow from $220 million in 2019 to $300 million in 2024. Those are soaring numbers and proof that this made from petroleum product is a solid investment.

Source: https://www.industrynewsengine.com/global-party-balloon-market-worth-300-million-usd-by-2024/

Hop on over to cloud nine with pillows

The sleeping pillow market is big business. Several new players have entered the market for this product which nearly every American uses every single night, and these new businesses are marketing juggernauts. The market is projected to grow from $15.6 million in 2019 to $18.1 million in 2024. You can rest easy knowing your investments are nestled snuggly with those numbers. 

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/933485/sleeping-pillow-market-size-worldwide/

The lost luggage blues

The luggage market worldwide is a $22.1 billion market. Every imaginable type of bag is available from designer luggage to cheap gym bags. However, one reason this is such a consistent market is because of how many bags are lost each year in transit, especially when flying. In 2019 the number of bags lost per 1,000 travelers was 5.60. Airlines paid out over $2.5 million dollars in claims to those travelers whose bags they’d lost.  

Source: https://luggagehero.com/lost-luggage-report-2019/
Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/862493/luggage-market-value-forecast/
Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/268277/causes-of-lost-luggage-in-air-travel/

Finally, let’s take the trash out 

On average the typical person in the USA generates 4.4 pounds of trash a day. If you were to stack that trash and multiply by every American, then in a typical year that adds up to enough trash to go to the moon and back 25 times. That’s a LOT of trash bags!

Source: https://www.saveonenergy.com/land-of-waste/

There are over 6,000 products made from petroleum, many of them are staples of our economy. So, if you make the decision to invest in the Oil and Gas industry, know you’re partnering with rock solid, fundamental products used by most people in their everyday lives.

Originally published at newswire.net.

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